This day in WND history: Windows 10 hijacks computers


Bill Gates of hell: Windows 10 hijacks computers

WND-20-YearsMay 24, 2016: WND reported when Microsoft turned “nasty” in its campaign to coerce hundreds of millions of customers to upgrade to its Windows 10 operating system, a program critics condemn as privacy-invading, data-swiping and “brimming with freemium services and ads.”

Microsoft had been trying to lure computer users into its new operating system for months, bombarding them with unending pop-up screens. But many users were comfortable with the systems they have, have no interest in learning new operations and have simply clicked the “X” to get rid of the unwanted solicitation. But they soon found they couldn’t do that anymore.

Microsoft changed the coding on the “X” so that clicking it instructed MS to “upgrade” computers to Windows 10. Yes, really. In fact, the two options on the page, “OK” and “Upgrade Now,” do the same thing as the “X.”

To avoid the forced “upgrade,” a user has to go into the fine print. Inside a logo box in the ad is a scheduled date for a mandatory upgrade. The user must look in the tiny type just below that line and find where it says “here” and click on that to avoid the upgrade.

Tech world reaction has been strongly negative to what one analyst called a “deceptive” action.

But was Microsoft concerned? Not really.

Multiple requests from WND for answers to pertinent questions were met with links to company promotions for Windows 10.

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Christians look to form ‘new nation’

sotbMay 24, 2004: In the wake of a WND exclusive report, hundreds of American citizens contacted a group of Christian activists looking to secede from the United States to form a republic based on Christian principles.

“It’s unleashed a barrage,” said Cory Burnell, president of Texas-based “It’s been an incredible response, it’s nothing I’m used to and is fairly gut-wrenching for me.”

Burnell and like-minded believers were looking to encourage thousands of U.S. citizens to migrate to South Carolina, run for state office, and eventually prompt South Carolina to peacefully secede from the union to create a new country where “government derives its power from the consent of the governed.”

He said since WND’s story was first posted, the number of those actively interested has jumped from a few dozen people to hundreds.

“We had to expand our website’s bandwidth due to so much traffic,” he said. “We’re gonna need some kind of respite.”

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Catholics threaten to ‘wage war’ over Antichrist sign

popeantichristMay 24, 2002: Catholics opposed to a controversial billboard proclaiming the pope is the Antichrist were angry to discover the sign’s owner – Outdoor Media Dimensions – failed to remove it after an Oregon man’s yearlong contract ended.

The New York-based Catholic League said it was told by a company spokesman the sign would be taken down upon expiration of the contract.

“He’s double-crossed us,” said Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League. “I’m going to give him an ultimatum – one more month [that the sign remains] and we’ll wage war on him. The jig is up!”

Larry Weathers, the Oregon barber behind the placard reading, “The POPE Is The ANTICHRIST, Free Proof,” wasn’t backing down and hoped to continue broadcasting his message to those driving along Interstate 5 near Medford, Ore., for a few months longer.

“The only way that it’s coming down is if it’s forced down,” Weathers said. “Rome is gonna get enflamed again.”

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