Samantha Bee mocks young conservative with cancer

(Newsbusters) In another case of liberal nastiness, TBS’s Full Frontal host Samantha Bee mocked a young man at last month’s CPAC conference for having “Nazi hair.” But today, the man’s sister shot back at Bee on Twitter, telling her he actually had stage 4 brain cancer. Whoops!

In the segment that played on TBS last night, Bee begins by saying that “these days” she has “no f***ing clue what conservatism means,” so she sent her correspondent Mike Rubens to CPAC to find out.

A video clip then plays of Rubens reporting from CPAC, complete with snarky voice-over mocking attendees for petty things like their appearance. Rubens also makes fun of Trump, saying his voice is like “a creepy great uncle licking your ear.”

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