Reality will trump perception as paychecks grow

On Nov. 29, the prognosticator website FiveThirtyEight announced that, “The GOP Tax Cuts Are Even More Unpopular Than Past Tax Hikes.”

“Poll after poll shows that more voters than not are opposed to their efforts,” wrote the website. They claimed that only about a third of voters support the tax cut plan, and that, “the GOP bill is one of the least popular tax plans since Ronald Reagan’s day.”

Well, at least Trump and the Republicans are in good company. You may (or may not) recall the left’s visceral hatred of Reagan. His tax cut and economic plan was also to be the end of the world, but actually gave us the longest period of sustained growth during peacetime and the second-longest period of sustained growth in U.S. history.

Maybe FiveThirtyEight should instead do a little research on how often the Democrats are wrong about pretty much everything.

FiveThirtyEight cited a Quinnipiac University survey which states that, “Only 16 percent of American voters say the Republican tax plan will reduce their taxes.”

Poll after poll continues, to this day, to show how unpopular the Republican tax cut plan is. The Democrats have done a heck of a job convincing people that tax cuts are just what Nancy Pelosi says – Armageddon.

Some would say that this is terrible news. The Democrats have been wildly successful at creating the perception that Joe Average will lose out once again to corporations and the rich.

However, I would disagree. It is actually great news, and could not have worked better for Trump and the Republicans if they had drawn it up on a white board.

This is a classic sales technique – under-promise and over-perform. Tell a customer something may take four weeks to be delivered, watch him or her groan about it and then comes to grips with the long deliver. Then deliver the product in half the time, and look the hero.

But this is even better – as we have our competitors, the Democrats, doing our work for us. They have “under-promised” this plan to the point where most people think they will get a tax increase, or worse.

Rush Limbaugh said recently that the Dems have so successfully demagogued the issue and depressed the poll numbers, we have no where to go but up.

Perception is reality. But reality will very soon trump (pun intended) perception when it comes to fruition. And this reality will begin to set in quickly, as Joe Average starts to see his paycheck grow. It may not be by much, but it will increase.

Joe may not know what his gross pay is, but believe me, they all know that take-home number, down to last penny. And when they see that number begin to rise … watch out.

Reality is already beginning to materialize for a handful of corporations, who are handing out hefty bonuses to Joe Average, raising pay and giving to charity. As CNBC wrote: “Expect a stampede of companies handing out bonuses, raising pay, spending on capital projects and giving to charities, with the windfall from the massive corporate tax cuts passed Wednesday.”

This is the reality that scares the crap out of Democrats. “Who are you suppose to believe – us or your lying eyes?”

The Democrats’ and their mainstream-media stenographers’ sole job going forward will be to try to convince as many as possible that they are not experiencing the windfall they see before them. That it is smoke and mirrors, or a house of cards that will begin to crumble around them, just as Joe Average gets comfortable with his phony “newfound” wealth.

CNN’s ratings may even get a boost, as conservatives tune in just to watch them squirm, assuming they report on it at all.

It’s going to be fun.

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