Kick Billy Graham out of the Rotunda

(Common Dreams) — The Christian Broadcast Network (CBN) quotes George W. Bush with the words, “God’s work within me began with Billy’s outreach.”

He was, of course, referring to the recently deceased luminary, Billy Graham. Just what work does the former president refer to in this comment? Could it be his work repeating lies to the World about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction? Could he possibly mean the Shock and Awe he reigned down on the Iraqi people after Congress transferred to him their powers to wage war? Perhaps he credits his deployment of mercenary killers—like the thugs from Blackwater—to the spiritual inspiration he garnered from conversations with Rev. Graham.

How about that Patriot Act? Did Bush come to the light just so that he could use it to spy on his fellow Americans? As the Guardian’s Ross Barkan stated so eloquently last October, “The blood on George W. Bush’s hands will never dry.”

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