KASSAM: The Week In Which Britain Locked Up Journalists for Being Right Wing

I never thought I’d say it, but I’m not entirely sure how long Breitbart London and I will be welcome in the United Kingdom. This week, right wing journalists Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone, as well as identitarian activist Martin Sellner, were banned from Britain. The usual arguments about “conductivity to the public good” were deployed, but transparently nonsensical for at least two reasons: 1. The government’s words also included the specific demonization and targeting of “right wing” groups or ideas; 2. These same principles seem not to apply to jihadists returning to the UK from Iraq and Syria, and everyone knows it. Bonus number three in that list is that these three bloggers, vloggers, and activists couldn’t pose a public threat if they tried, quite frankly. No offence to them intended, but they’re hardly Augosto Pinochets preparing the choppers. To the people claiming my deportation document is fake, it’s not. Not sure why there are spelling mistakes—perhaps they didn’t care enough to proof read. This is the exact document I was given upon being denied entry to the U.K. pic.twitter.com/j1hpJuGYTo — Brittany Pettibone (@BrittPettibone) March 12, 2018 This is also the week during which a group I have no

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