Heilemann on Trump’s Roy Moore Support: He Has No Problem Being on the Side of Neo-Nazis or Child Predators

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” during a discussion on President Donald Trump support for GOP U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore, network political analyst John Heilemann said Trump “didn’t seem to find a problem to be on the side of neo-Nazis” and “accused child predators either.” Heilemann said, “Trump sees himself in Roy Moore, he does. He sees the politics of it too. The momentum was for Hillary Clinton, all of the polls said Hillary Clinton was going to win and there’s all these people in the Trump base standing up saying, ‘fake news, fake news, fake news.’ He listens to these press conferences. He recognizes the dynamic in Alabama where he hears Roy Moore’s defenders attacking the Washington Post, saying that the women made it all up. He thinks the woman who attacked him made it all up. ” He continued, “I believe he believes that, I’m not crediting it. But he sees this as a microcosm of his victory in 2016. ‘Everyone said I can’t win, everybody says this guy can’t win, people said I was a predator, people say he’s a predator,’ Steve Bannon sees the parallel. I’m going to go with the parallel.” He added, “The best analogy to me for

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