Graham: The Trump Administration ‘Has a Blind Spot’ on Russia

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said the Trump administration had “a blind spot” on Russia. Partial transcript as follows: TODD: You have come on this show numerous times and said that Russia needs to be punished. You passed a tough sanctions bill. You passed it in July the president signed a bill in early August, there was a deadline of October 1. It is October 20 and the sanctions have not been implemented, why? GRAHAM: I think that President Trump is slow on Russia. They have a blind spot on Russia I still can’t figure out. TODD: At what point is that circumstantial evidence to you sir? GRAHAM: All I can say is whenever the Russia investigation takes us, it takes us. In ’16 they interfered with the elections. I don’t think they effected the results. In ’18 and ’20 they’re coming back against us. What are the rules of engagement? What they did in 2016, did that amount to an act of war? How do you respond to cyber threats? Russia is going to get worse if not better. Mr. President, go after Russia because they’re coming after us. TODD: How are you going to

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