Scarborough: Trump Has Become President of the White Nationalist Movement

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Joe Scarborough argued that President Trump has also become the president of the white nationalist movement. Scarborough said, “The United States is — we’ve — sometimes it’s been painful, but we’ve been in a constant, long march towards equality. And yesterday, it’s almost as if the president held up a stop sign and stopped history in its tracks.” He added, “[N]ot so strange is the fact that you had David Duke and other white nationalists actually praising the president of the United States yesterday for his words. And why not, he has now officially become the president of the white national — not only of America but also of the white nationalist movement. David Duke saying, thank you, Mr. President, for your ‘courage to tell the truth about Charlottesville[.]’ Well, David Duke, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, Klan members, they stand on one side, and apparently, the rest of America and the world stands on the other, Willie. The president has chosen sides, and it is very clear, not only morally — especially morally, but also politically, he has chosen the wrong side.” Scarborough concluded that lots of Trump’s voters didn’t want “a Duke

Kassam: They’re Coming for Mount Rushmore, But They SHOULD Be Tearing Down the DemoKKKrat Party

I agree with Laura Ingraham and Pete Hegseth. It is only a matter of time before the left comes for Monticello, or Mount Vernon, or indeed Mount Rushmore. Never content with their destructiveness, wait until they learn the history of Mount Rushmore. Not even 1,000 Confederate statues would draw the same outrage. The 60-foot high sculpture in South Dakota — depicting Presidents Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt, and Lincoln — was sculpted by a Ku Klux Klan member. Prepare for the onslaught. Gutzon Borglum originally worked on the Stone Mountain project, which one Democrat candidate has already demanded be permanently vandalised in an attempt to erase American history. As AJC News reports: Removing the faces of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson would take a monster of a sandblaster and require a change in state law. The Georgia code has a clear mandate for the memorial, saying it should be “preserved and protected for all time as a tribute to the bravery and heroism of the citizens of this state who suffered and died in their cause.” How befitting then, that the totalitarian left should come for the Shrine of Democracy next. After all, the Nation of Islam has already